What seasons are best for car shipping?

What seasons are best for car shipping?

If you’re looking to ship a vehicle – or, if you’ve shipped before and are looking to ship again, chances are you’ve heard about how the auto transport industry is “seasonal.” Seasonal means that during different times of the year transport can be faster, easier, or cheaper depending on the climate and increase in people’s travels.

Why is this important to you and what does it mean? Well, both are very simple answers that can help you greatly with your car shipping process! The car shipping industry is busier in the summer than the winter, and the spring and fall are in-between times where everything is even level for those months. We will explain in this blog how this all works, and how you can use it to help you make a better choice when looking to have your car shipped.

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Summer: Normally, summer tends to be the most convenient time to ship to or from most areas of the country, as more people are in need of car shipping services than at any other time. There’s good reason for this: it’s the time of year when kids are out of school, the sun is shining and people are feeling more motivated to get their more expensive projects done, including selling that old car or getting it shipped somewhere else. Because of this, summer typically has the most trucks on the road, and the most active routes.

Winter: Everything slows down in the winter, and in some areas car shipping is impossible or nearly impossible for large chunks of the winter months due to the effects of the weather. People don’t ship as often, it’s cold, and a lot of routes are closed off due to snow and ice, particularly in the northern areas. During the late fall and early winter, snowbird routes are really where it’s at – there are more than just a few people shipping from the northeast down to Florida, as well as from the Great Lakes region down south, to areas like Texas and Arizona. New York to Florida tends to see some of the best prices in the winter time. But rural areas and areas in the middle of the country will be higher in price because of the weather issues associated with them.

Look at where your car is going and think about the weather there, as well as, where your automobile is going to have to pass through. The worse the weather is, the harder it will be to find trucks making runs on those routes. If you plan smart, and plan by seasons, you might find some great deals and save money while getting your car shipped in the most efficient way possible. If you would like more information about shipping your car, please contact one of our professionals here at Shipping-A-Car and we would love to help you make the right choices!

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