How Auto Shipping Can Help Your Vacation Budget

How Auto Shipping Can Help Your Vacation Budget

Spring is the perfect time to go on vacation. With the long, cold winter months finally coming to an end, getting outside and enjoying the sun can do wonders for you and your family. By now, you probably need and deserve a good break from your everyday routine.

But how can you make your spring vacation enjoyable while still being smart and saving money? From packing tips to transport, here are some great things to keep in mind for your getaway.

Why Spring Vacations Are Good for You

The reduced sun exposure you get during winter can actually be harmful to your health. Your body needs exposure to natural sunlight to synthesize vitamin D, meaning the short daylight hours in the winter can lead to a vitamin deficiency. Often times, we tend to think of a deficiency in one vitamin or mineral as a standalone problem, but that’s not the case. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the absorption of calcium, meaning that a deficiency in this area can also affect your bone health.

Apart from the benefits of sun exposure for vitamin D absorption, exposure to sunlight has also been shown to promote mental health. If you find that you often feel gloomier during the winter months, you might be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition linked to decreased serotonin in the brain. This is thought to be caused by the shorter daylight exposure sufferers get during winter.

So while you don’t want to go on vacation and catch a nasty sunburn, getting out into the light again can obviously be exactly the refreshment you need right now!

Spring Getaway Packing

The first thing you need to do when packing is find out what you’ll need in the first place. While some hotels give you free conditioner, shampoo and soap, others might charge you for it. Usually the extra cost of personal hygiene products from hotels will be higher than if you were to pack your own. Because of this, you should know exactly what the hotel you’ll be staying at will give you.

Consider asking about towels as well, as not all places have towels. Because this is a spring vacation, you’re likely to need both swimming towels and bathroom towels. While most hotels will supply you with bathroom towels, you usually have to pack your own swimming towels. Don’t take the hotel bathroom towels down to the pool or beach. Most hotels don’t allow that, so you could get in trouble!

What should be clear is that you should know exactly what you’ll be needing based on where you’ll be staying.

Spring Vacation Transport

Most people want to go to the beach, or a mountain lodge for their spring vacation. This gives them plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors and soak in some sun.

But getting to those places can be a headache. If you’re planning on driving, think of all that extra gas, mileage, and discomfort from the long hours you’ll spend in the car; and all this before you get to your destination. At the same time you’re going to need a vehicle when you get to your vacation spot.

If you’re planning to fly to your destination rather than driving down, you’ll need to rent a car once you get there. However, renting a car can be so expensive, you’ll be blowing all of the money you could’ve spent on leisure! What’s the point of having a car to drive to a restaurant if you can’t afford to pay for a meal, after all?

By planning your transport in a way that saves money and inconvenience, you get to focus your vacation on doing what matters: relaxing and having a good time.

One great option is to find a cheap flight and have your car shipped to your vacation spot and back. While it might not work for everyone, car shipping can be the most convenient and cost effective way to make your vacation enjoyable.

Car Shipping Tips

If you want to ship your car for your spring vacation, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t settle for the cheapest car shipping company you find. A good car shipping company will be professional and deliver on their promises, but choosing a company that’s significantly cheaper than the rest can lead to problems. Eventually you could get stuck at the airport without any transport!
  • Only consider companies if they’re willing to give you a free quote. The idea of paying for a quote is absolutely absurd. You don’t have to pay to know what things cost when you go to the shops, after all. So why pay to know what a service will cost you?
  • Ask about the dates a specific company will be able to deliver your car both to your vacation spot and back home. Most of the time, cars are driven to their destination on a truck, and trucks have set dates for taking loads back and forth. This means that not every company will necessarily be able to help you on your exact preferred dates.
  • Don’t pack things in your car before handing it over to be shipped. It might look like a good way to score some extra packing space, but actually you’re paying for your car to be shipped based on its weight. And while any car shipping company worth considering will have insurance for your car that’s being shipped through them, they’ll take no responsibility for lost possessions that were left in the car.

Doing these things will ensure that the experience of shipping your car is easy and affordable.

Not sure who to call for reliable car shipping. Let Shipping-A-Car ship your car to your vacation spot for you.

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