Frequently Asked Questions

q. Must I be there for the pick up/delivery of my vehicle’s?

A. We do suggest that you be present for the pick up & delivery of your vehicle/s since this is the time for the vehicle inspection. If it is not possible for you to be present, please assign somebody else that can be. Also it is important that you give us all possible contact numbers. Special arrangements can be made upon request if nobody is available for pickup or delivery.

q. How far in advance must I contact you to transport my vehicle’s?

A. Normally, about 1 to 2 weeks before the vehicle needs to be moved. It is possible to transport a vehicle with less notice but please keep in mind that an expedited order may cost a little more in order to be able to provide the quickest service possible.

q. How long will it take to transport my vehicle’s?

A. It will take anywhere between 1-7 days depending on the distance of the transport. State to state transport may take approximately 1 day while coast to coast transport would take approximately 5-7 days.

q. What do you mean by door to door service?

A. Door to door service means that the vehicle will be picked up and dropped off at whatever address is provided. If the vehicle location is not accessible by the carrier due to gated communities or very narrow roads, the driver will contact you in advance to meet at the closest and most accessible point.

q. Is my vehicle insured during the transport?

A. By law, all carriers are required to have their own insurance which means that yes, your vehicle is insured while being transported. Our driver will fully inspect your vehicle upon pick up to insure your car is delivered in the exact condition it was left to us.

q. Is it possible to check on the location and status of my vehicle while it is being transported?

A. Our excellent costumer service team will be in direct contact with the driver transporting your vehicle to insure that any questions you may have during transit will be answered immediately. We also provide an online tracking system for your convenience.

q. Can I pack personal belongings in my vehicles?

A. Personal items should not be left visible in the vehicle. It is possible to pack approximately 50 lbs. In the trunk but please keep in mind that the carriers are not responsible for any broken items. Also please realize that any extra weight packed in the vehicle will alter the weight of the carrier which could cause difficulties and delays at weigh stations during transit.

q. What types of payment are accepted & when must I pay for my transport?

A. We will take a small deposit over the phone which will secure your vehicle a spot on the carrier. We accept debit cards and all major credit cards for the deposit. The remainder of the payment will be made at either pick up or delivery, whatever is more convenient for you. A certified payment is required at this time (cash, cashiers check, money order, or travelers check).

q. What type of truck will be transporting my vehicle’s?

A. There are several types of carriers offered to our clients. The most common type of truck used is an open carrier that usually holds between 6-8 vehicles. Enclosed trucks are also quite common and can be used upon request. If a vehicle is inoperable it requires a special carrier that has a wench attached to it. Oversized vehicles may also require special attention. Your suncoast booking agent will help you decide which choice is best suitable for your needs at the time of the booking.

q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. Here at suncoast auto transport we believe 100% in costumer satisfaction. We understand there are sometimes circumstances that cause plans to change. A full refund will be provided upon request as long as it is 7 days or more prior to the estimated pick up date.

q. What if my vehicle is innoperable?

A. It is no problem if your vehicle is inoperable as long as it can be steered, has breaks, and rolls. If no keys are provided at time of pick up, the vehicle will be deemed inoperable. A special truck is used for this type of order that enables the truck to load and unload your vehicle. It may take a short while longer to move since this type of truck is needed. For this reason please be sure to notify us if your vehicle is inoperable at the time of booking.

q. Should I expect any delays during my transport?

A. Delays should not be expected, however please keep in mind there are some circumstances that are out of our control. Weather, crowded weigh stations, and minor repairs on carriers are all logically possible. It is for this reason that we give an estimated delivery date. Suncoast takes the hassle out of tracking your vehicle. Simlpy click on the link on this website or call our costumer service department for immediate assistance.

q. How much can I expect to pay for transporting my vehicle’s?

A. Prices vary according to the amount of distance needed to transport your vehicle. Simply click on our link for a free quote.