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Ship My Car to Florida

The Sunshine State is known for its various tourist opportunities more than anything else. Travel to Florida is the centerpiece of many vacations, and one of the best ways to tour the state is via car. Since many people use their vehicles to tour Florida, there are several options to keep in mind when it comes to Florida car shipping. Florida vehicle shipping ensures that you see as much of the state as possible since you have access to your personal vehicle during your trip. Why You Need Your Car In Florida Having your own car while you travel helps you move anywhere you want at any time, independent of public transport, taxis and other means for transport. There's a lot to see in Florida, so walking or riding a bicycle won't be a good option to tour around the state. When you use buses and other transport options to travel from [...]

Car Moving Services for the Birds

Being a snowbird has so many advantages, but unfortunately it can also take a lot of effort. Snowbirds have a lot of things to organize every year before the pilgrimage to Florida and other sunny states. And with the weather cooling down, now is a great time to start thinking about how you can chase some sunshine this year without exhausting yourself in the process. Make Your List Early If you haven't already made a list of things you have to do before you leave for your summer home, now is definitely the time to start. Being a snowbird means you have to arrange relocating twice a year – once when you go south, and once when you head back north. With that in mind, getting everything ready before you go will obviously take a lot of effort. Some things you have to consider before leaving for your summer home this year [...]

Tips For Car Shipping Snowbirds Migrating this Winter

Each December retirees start their yearly winter trek South, where they will remain until the spring. Florida auto transporters call them "snowbirds", individuals who are getting away from the colder states for the more friendly, tropical breeze blowing in from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. So how do Snowbirds approach dispatching their vehicle in the most intelligent way? Here are 5 extraordinary tips that will make the procedure less distressing: Tips For Car Shipping Snowbirds Migrating this Winter from Shipping A Car

What to Consider Before Becoming a Winter Traveler

If you full-heartedly detest snowy, stormy, subzero winters then you've probably considered becoming a snowbird. Traveling south every winter to states like Florida, Arizona, Texas and California can help you escape the grueling cold temperatures of winter months. The best part is that you'll still be able to see your friends and family where you currently live as soon as the happy summer weather returns in the north. There are, however, many things you'll need to know before making the lifestyle change. Being a snowbird might seem fun, but it isn't for everyone. Some people would rather tolerate cold winters because they prefer a stationary lifestyle where they don't have to bother with moving arrangements every year. What Kind of People Become Snowbirds? Obviously people become snowbirds because they prefer nicer weather, but migrating to chase better weather every year isn't something everyone can do. Most people can't take time off work [...]