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Cheap Car Shipping Can Get You in Trouble

Getting a good deal on something is always fun. It's no wonder that sales are so popular! But while you, like everyone else, might love getting more for what you paid, it's not always good to bargain hunt for products and services. This is especially more true in some cases rather than others. One particular thing you shouldn't skimp on is car shipping. Cheap Car Shipping Scams Your car is a valuable possession, and going with the cheapest auto transport company you can find is almost sure to lead to disaster. Too many auto transport companies try to cheat you by luring you in with the promise of low prices, but all too often, they're unable to deliver on these promises. Worse yet, some auto transport companies aren't even real. A trusted auto transport service will be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is a requirement for all auto [...]

Early Signs of Questionable Car Transport Services

Everyone wants to keep away from a bad vehicle transport, the best way is to make sure you can recognize the signs – at the earliest opportunity. There are generally enough of them to tip you off that working with a specific organization might be risky. Here are some you should look for: Excessively numerous dissensions documented with the BBB This may seem something easy to know, yet it merits discussing, since many ignore this critical red flag. Running an organization check through BBB is fairly simple and takes just two or three minutes. The quantity of grievances, the way the organization reacted (or not) to these dissensions and the rating offered by BBB are great clues to the organization's quality. Consider what previous clients needed to state. They had the bad luck of running a painful real-life check on the company to your benefit. Cheap car shipping rates [...]