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So you want to ship a car cheap?

At some point in everyone's life they have to move from one home to another, it’s just a part of life. When you start this process, many choices will have to be made, most of which end up being about finding the least expensive way to get something accomplished. You may try and save money by comparing the costs of hiring a professional moving company with a do-it-yourself approach or deciding whether to drive your vehicles to your new home versus using an auto transport company. There are pros and cons to each, but before you make a choice about how you’re going to get your vehicle(s) to your new home, it’s best to understand the costs associated with the methods.

Shipping A Classic Car

If your house were burning would you save your Classic Car before the other people in the house? Because of human emotions it's very common to become attached to your classic vehicle. Our feeling of joy and sorrow are not only affected by other people, but by our prized possessions too. Because of this attachment we are more likely to do things to preserve and protect these items from possible harm. The bond we form with an object holds true in the case of cars, and even more so when you talk about classic or collectable cars. Many classic car owners will do anything to keep their cars in proper running order and looking like they just came off the assembly line. And we say, why not? Many of these cars are a part of history that shows where we were and how far we have come. There is [...]

Shipping a Car as a College Student

Believe it or not, the American student population represents a decent portion of the car shipping market. With so many different colleges and universities spread out across the country, many students can’t make the drive, so they either ship their vehicles or have their parents help them ship it. With the end of the school year hitting for most colleges across the country and just a couple short months for summer classes and then fall semester rolls around, it is a great time to start looking at how you will get your car shipped home for the summer and back to campus next semester! Why should a student ship their car? Shipping your car is good because, not only is it generally cheaper and safer for the student to ship a vehicle than drive it the same distance, especially if there’s thousands of miles in between, but also [...]

What seasons are best for car shipping?

If you’re looking to ship a vehicle – or, if you’ve shipped before and are looking to ship again, chances are you’ve heard about how the auto transport industry is “seasonal.” Seasonal means that during different times of the year transport can be faster, easier, or cheaper depending on the climate and increase in people’s travels. Why is this important to you and what does it mean? Well, both are very simple answers that can help you greatly with your car shipping process! The car shipping industry is busier in the summer than the winter, and the spring and fall are in-between times where everything is even level for those months. We will explain in this blog how this all works, and how you can use it to help you make a better choice when looking to have your car shipped. Summer: Normally, summer tends to be the most [...]

Open Car Shipping vs Enclosed Car Shipping

Even if this is your first time shipping a car, we bet you have already figured out or guessed that there are several different types of auto transport trucks on the road today, and not all of them provide the same type of services. When driving around you will often see both types: the more obvious open carriers, and the harder to pick out enclosed carriers. Both types of carriers will provide you door-to-door auto transportation as their standard method, but the protection that your vehicle gets from an open carrier as opposed to an enclosed carrier will be much different. Carrier availability will depend very much on where you’re shipping from and to and also the time of year and what type of vehicle you are shipping. These different factors can play a major difference in the prices that you pay and the services that you receive. The type [...]

Is it better to drive or ship your car?

If you’re trying to figure out solutions for getting a vehicle from one end of the country to another, one of the most common arguments is driving it versus shipping it with an auto transport carrier. They’re both legitimate ways of getting your vehicle across this vast nation of ours, but which one is more cost-effective? This is an important question, especially if you’re looking for auto transport services on a budget, and figuring out just what you’re looking at in terms of total cost for each. But that requires some research on your end, namely when it comes to driving it yourself, since it’s a lot harder to figure out the cost of driving vs shipping – the latter, of course, all you need to do is call an auto transport company, get a price in a minute and book your order. So, when you’re trying to plan out [...]

Why Ship your Car?

More and more people are looking to have the cars they buy or move transported for them on carriers, as opposed to driven, especially if the vehicle is hundreds or thousands of miles away. Because of the rise of the internet, the auto transport industry is thriving more today than any other time. The internet has helped this small niche industry expand rapidly over the past twenty years or so, laying the groundwork for new ways of conducting business, finding customers and coordinating pickup and delivery dates with shippers and customers. Because car shipping is still new to some people, we put this blog post together to help you learn more about what you should ask your shippers when you start getting quotes to ship your car. How much does it cost? This is one of the most common auto transport related questions we get – how much does it cost? [...]