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How to Clean Your Car: Kid Edition

Summertime can be tough if you're a parent. For most parents, summertime means you get a break from driving your kids between different school activities, but that doesn't necessarily mean your car gets a break from the mess your kids tend to make in it. It's okay if you want to keep your car clean and save it from the playtime mess. After all, your car is often in the public eye when you park it outside the grocery store, or just about anywhere you go. It's not unreasonable to want your car to look presentable. So it doesn't matter if you're cleaning your car for shipping, selling or simply because you want it to look nice, these tips ought to be helpful. Prevent Clutter Buildup It's easier to avoid clutter from accumulating in your car than it is to regularly clean it. If your kids aren't babies anymore, there's no reason [...]

How to Prep for a Car Show

Summertime is car show time! But if you've never entered a car in a show, you might be wondering how to go about preparation. In many cases, car owners doing first-time show entries are unlikely to walk away with a prize. This is because they aren't familiar with how to properly prepare their vehicles. Let's be honest though, if you're planning to enter a car into a show for the first time, chances are you've already put a substantial amount of effort into preparing your car. You want to know you did your best, and that your car stands a chance to win a prize. Know Your Show Before getting into the specifics of what you can do to prepare your car for a show, it's worth mentioning that different shows have different standards. Before entering your car into a specific car show, have a look at what your car will [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Car

Spring is practically here in spite of what it might feel like outside. It's the ideal opportunity for Spring cleaning! You can at long last open the windows, shake out the floor coverings, and shampoo the rugs. Have you considered doing likewise for your auto? Your four-wheeled home could most likely utilize some TLC, as well. Before long you and your ride will be out and about for the summer, to shows, on street excursions, and trips in abundance. Keep in mind to put these tips for your auto on your list of Spring-cleaning to-dos. Clear the Clutter Get all the junk and mess that has been lost and left behind. Chilling cold can keep even germophobes from cleaning under the seats for a couple of months. The best part? Finding that most loved glove or hoop you thought you'd lost in the snow. Wipe down the inside of [...]

The Benefits of Having Your Car Shipped

Whether you're moving for a new job or going to school out of state, how you'll get there is often the biggest question. This is especially the case if you often have to go back and forth often. Eventually, you'll be put a lot of mileage on your vehicle. All that wear and tear will soon catch up (not to mention your car's decreased secondhand value.) By shipping your car you can avoid the hassle of driving yourself. Between miles, gas prices, and time constraints, having your car shipped to your destination with Shipping-A-Car is easier, cheaper and less stressful. Why Ship a Car? Shipping a car is might not make sense to some people. After all, why ship a car when you can just drive it yourself? The idea that your transport can need transportation can seem silly. But despite what it might look like to some people, having a car [...]

How to Handle Getting in a Fender Bender

There's nothing more baffling than getting into a minor accident; particularly when it appears as though it was totally avoidable. Odds are a large portion of us have been in that situation before; you're en route to work, continuing through a green light and some individual, some place was not focusing. You could be in a parking garage sitting tight for the stream of activity to leave the strip mall and wham – some person backs directly into you. If you do have the misfortune, here are a few top ways on how to handle getting into a fender bender. Keep Cool It's so difficult to keep your cool when you are included in a minor accident. You know how high your deductible is; you know you don't need your protection rates to go up; you realize that there will be time and cost included that you simply don't have. [...]

5 Steps To Ship Your Car

5 Steps To Ship Your Car There are many reasons for shipping a car. Perhaps you've bought a car online or you're relocating and you don't feel like driving the car to your new home. In these instances, shipping is always a wonderful option, but as with all things in life, it helps to do some research on the topic before diving in head first. By educating yourself about how to choose the best company to work with, you might be saving a lot of trouble in the long-run. Get To Know Your Options Surprisingly enough, there are a few different options available when for shipping a car. These variables often have an impact on the price so it's good to know about them before you research car shipping prices. One of the differences you should be aware of is the choice between a covered or uncovered carrier. Covered carriers do offer [...]

Car Shipping done right!

Suncoast Auto Transport takes all the hassle out of shipping your vehicle. Door to door service means that your vehicle will be picked up and delivered to the addresses provided. Your vehicle remains on the same carrier throughout the entire transit, eliminating the need to load and unload your vehicle multiple times.

Myths about Car Shipping and Auto Transport

Many people think that they can save time and money by working directly with an auto transport carrier rather than dealing with an auto transport broker. It can be quite a struggle to find a carrier that will be traveling on your exact route—more so, to find more than one in order to compare quotes. It is also common to end up paying more when the carrier has to set up times with you, handle all the paper work, and possibly work things out with the people where the car is going. Finding a reputable auto transport broker means working with someone who will not only help you to find the best deal, but who will also handle all the details for you to ensure the car shipping process go smoothly.

10 Step Car Shipping Checklist to Prepare You and Your Car for Shipping

Are you getting ready for a move? Are you a snowbird? Or, are you relocating a family member to a new location? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider shipping your car for either, need or ease. If you’re planning to ship your car, we are happy to offer you this list of 10 steps to help you in your car shipping process. If you follow these 10 simple steps you will find your car shipping process to be a stress free experience!