What to Consider Before Becoming a Winter Traveler

If you full-heartedly detest snowy, stormy, subzero winters then you've probably considered becoming a snowbird. Traveling south every winter to states like Florida, Arizona, Texas and California can help you escape the grueling cold temperatures of winter months. The best part is that you'll still be able to see your friends and family where you currently live as soon as the happy summer weather returns in the north. There are, however, many things you'll need to know before making the lifestyle change. Being a snowbird might seem fun, but it isn't for everyone. Some people would rather tolerate cold winters because they prefer a stationary lifestyle where they don't have to bother with moving arrangements every year. What Kind of People Become Snowbirds? Obviously people become snowbirds because they prefer nicer weather, but migrating to chase better weather every year isn't something everyone can do. Most people can't take time off work [...]

6 Tips for Moving out of State: Staying Sane and Saving Money

Moving out of state can be very exciting! You might be looking forward to your new life where you're going. Maybe you landed your dream job, or perhaps your new place will suit your tastes better. You might be moving to be closer to family and friends, or perhaps you've given in to wanderlust and you want to experience living in as many places as possible. Unfortunately moving can also very stressful, especially when a checklist of administration tasks you'll need to do once you arrive at your new home, like getting a new driver's license and registering your car in your new state. 4. Scour for Money Saving Options Explore money saving options wherever you can. You might be able to get free boxes, for instance. Or perhaps you could buy used boxes and packaging paper on Craigslist. If you have friends and family where you're going, maybe you can [...]

5 Steps To Ship Your Car

5 Steps To Ship Your Car There are many reasons for shipping a car. Perhaps you've bought a car online or you're relocating and you don't feel like driving the car to your new home. In these instances, shipping is always a wonderful option, but as with all things in life, it helps to do some research on the topic before diving in head first. By educating yourself about how to choose the best company to work with, you might be saving a lot of trouble in the long-run. Get To Know Your Options Surprisingly enough, there are a few different options available when for shipping a car. These variables often have an impact on the price so it's good to know about them before you research car shipping prices. One of the differences you should be aware of is the choice between a covered or uncovered carrier. Covered carriers do offer [...]

So you want to ship a car cheap?

At some point in everyone's life they have to move from one home to another, it’s just a part of life. When you start this process, many choices will have to be made, most of which end up being about finding the least expensive way to get something accomplished. You may try and save money by comparing the costs of hiring a professional moving company with a do-it-yourself approach or deciding whether to drive your vehicles to your new home versus using an auto transport company. There are pros and cons to each, but before you make a choice about how you’re going to get your vehicle(s) to your new home, it’s best to understand the costs associated with the methods.

Auto Shipping Auctions

Auto Shipping Auctions If you just purchased a car from an auction, then the next step is figuring out how you’re going to get that car shipped from the auction to where you want it to be. Auto auctions are a great way to find a new car, and every year people buy new cars from one of the many auto auctions around the nation, such as Mecum Auctions, Manheim Auctions, Barrett-Jackson, RM Auctions, IAA Auctions, Russo Steele Auctions, etc. then have them shipped by a reliable auto transporter like our company, Ship A Car. Ship A Car has built a strong reputation in the car shipping industry for quality and dependability. We will pick up your new car at the auto auction, shipping it right to your front doorstep. If you happen to be the seller of a car, you will also require the services of a reliable car carrier, [...]

Shipping A Classic Car

If your house were burning would you save your Classic Car before the other people in the house? Because of human emotions it's very common to become attached to your classic vehicle. Our feeling of joy and sorrow are not only affected by other people, but by our prized possessions too. Because of this attachment we are more likely to do things to preserve and protect these items from possible harm. The bond we form with an object holds true in the case of cars, and even more so when you talk about classic or collectable cars. Many classic car owners will do anything to keep their cars in proper running order and looking like they just came off the assembly line. And we say, why not? Many of these cars are a part of history that shows where we were and how far we have come. There is [...]

Shipping a Car as a College Student

Believe it or not, the American student population represents a decent portion of the car shipping market. With so many different colleges and universities spread out across the country, many students can’t make the drive, so they either ship their vehicles or have their parents help them ship it. With the end of the school year hitting for most colleges across the country and just a couple short months for summer classes and then fall semester rolls around, it is a great time to start looking at how you will get your car shipped home for the summer and back to campus next semester! Why should a student ship their car? Shipping your car is good because, not only is it generally cheaper and safer for the student to ship a vehicle than drive it the same distance, especially if there’s thousands of miles in between, but also [...]