The Benefits of Having Your Car Shipped

Whether you're moving for a new job or going to school out of state, how you'll get there is often the biggest question. This is especially the case if you often have to go back and forth often. Eventually, you'll be put a lot of mileage on your vehicle. All that wear and tear will soon catch up (not to mention your car's decreased secondhand value.) By shipping your car you can avoid the hassle of driving yourself. Between miles, gas prices, and time constraints, having your car shipped to your destination with Shipping-A-Car is easier, cheaper and less stressful. Why Ship a Car? Shipping a car is might not make sense to some people. After all, why ship a car when you can just drive it yourself? The idea that your transport can need transportation can seem silly. But despite what it might look like to some people, having a car [...]

If Americans Love Compact Crossovers, Why Do Wagons Get Bad Rap?

The late ascent in prevalence of minimized SUVs in the U.S. made us think: Why have Americans strayed far from wagons, yet rushed to crossovers? Is it the label, not wanting to own a “wagon” but “crossover” sounds poetic? Is it the “hybrid” in the crossover? At the New England International Auto Show, we’ve seen almost every manufacturer in attendance touting their new crossovers. But Volvo and Volkswagen are two of the only automakers that have even a single wagon on display. Read More Here

Ford Finally Confirms Bronco, Ranger Will Return To U.S. Market

Ford is finally bringing back some of their classic models, and people want information. And while Ford is still keeping many secrets we do know a few things. After deflecting comments for more than a year, Ford has finally confirmed what we all basically knew. The Ford Bronco and Ranger will once again be sold in the U.S., Ford announced at the North American International Auto Show on Monday. Read More Here

Takata expected to plead guilty, pay $1B

When something that is there to protect your life malfunctions, there can be any causes for concern. This isn’t the first time Takata has produced faulty airbags, but hopefully the last. Troubled air bag maker Takata is reportedly set to reach a criminal settlement with U.S. prosecutors that will require payment of some $1 billion in fines, restitution and victim compensation, as well as a guilty plea on wire-fraud charges, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Read More Here

Coming Off Record Year, Tesla Faces These 5 Major Questions In 2017

Tesla is a highly regarded company, but how will it handle challenges in 2017? They have more than one thing working in their favor, they have almost as many “hindrances”. During the last year, Tesla continued to branch out into the energy industry with the introduction of its solar glass and merger with SolarCity. But 2016 was a significant year in the history of Musk’s EV company for other reasons such as the debut of the Model 3. It also was the year of Tesla’s first profitable quarter. Read More Here

The coolest concept cars from CES

With the rise in self-driving technology, the latest automobiles are grabbing more attention at The Consumer Electronics Show. Take a look at the latest trends and technologies for 2017 from the auto industry. Many of the world’s biggest auto makers have become a major part of this highly-publicized conference – which serves as a glimpse into the future of technology -- by dominating much of the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as surrounding facilities. And it doesn’t seem to matter this Sin City event falls on the heels of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Read More Here

Chrysler Reveals Autonomous Electric Concept Ahead Of Debut At CES 2017

Advancements in the auto industry are continually coming out. Chrysler unveiled its new concept for a model called “Portal”. It’s defiantly worth checking out. Chrysler on Tuesday revealed its new Portal concept ahead of its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas. The Portal is an electric vehicle with an estimated 250 miles of range and Level 3 autonomous driving capability that Chrysler said was “created by millennials for millennials.” Read More Here

How to Handle Getting in a Fender Bender

There's nothing more baffling than getting into a minor accident; particularly when it appears as though it was totally avoidable. Odds are a large portion of us have been in that situation before; you're en route to work, continuing through a green light and some individual, some place was not focusing. You could be in a parking garage sitting tight for the stream of activity to leave the strip mall and wham – some person backs directly into you. If you do have the misfortune, here are a few top ways on how to handle getting into a fender bender. Keep Cool It's so difficult to keep your cool when you are included in a minor accident. You know how high your deductible is; you know you don't need your protection rates to go up; you realize that there will be time and cost included that you simply don't have. [...]

From State to State

Buying a car from out of state can broaden your options and give you the freedom to choose any car make you want. At Shipping-A-Car, we're dedicated to helping you in your search. Our vehicle shipping services will help you transport your new car from out of state to wherever you live. This means you don't have to narrow down your search to only neighboring states. With easy car shipping, you can buy a car from the opposite side of the US! But before you can have your new car shipped to where you live, there are a few things you need to know about buying a vehicle out of state. Buying a car out of state isn't simple. There are many things you'll need to know to make the process go down smoothly. Here are some things you need to know about buying a vehicle out of state. Search Reliable [...]

What to Consider Before Becoming a Winter Traveler

If you full-heartedly detest snowy, stormy, subzero winters then you've probably considered becoming a snowbird. Traveling south every winter to states like Florida, Arizona, Texas and California can help you escape the grueling cold temperatures of winter months. The best part is that you'll still be able to see your friends and family where you currently live as soon as the happy summer weather returns in the north. There are, however, many things you'll need to know before making the lifestyle change. Being a snowbird might seem fun, but it isn't for everyone. Some people would rather tolerate cold winters because they prefer a stationary lifestyle where they don't have to bother with moving arrangements every year. What Kind of People Become Snowbirds? Obviously people become snowbirds because they prefer nicer weather, but migrating to chase better weather every year isn't something everyone can do. Most people can't take time off work [...]